Our collection

Our collections can be edited on all of our wall coverings (wallpaper or stretched wall).

You have the possibility of personalizing some of our models according to your needs (colors, size of the pattern…).

The chosen decor will be adapted to the dimensions of the wall (s) to be dressed. A proof will be issued to you in order to visualize the decoration and validate it. Our team supports you and remains at your disposal throughout the project. The design, the editing, the shaping are carried out in our premises in order to gain in reactivity and to guarantee you an optimal quality.

For your 3D projects on SKETCHUP, now find all of our decors for download on 3D Warehouse.





NATURE collection covers many wallpaper themes: jungle, forest, exoticism, tropics, country, countryside, flora and fauna, vegetal, floral, feather, bamboo, fir trees, landscapes, sea, ocean, sky, mountain, clouds, petals, birds, animals, lake …

PATTERN collection gives priority to the effect rather than to the representation: geometry, baroque, vintage, abstract … From the most classic motifs revisited (such as leaves, mandalas, feathers or fish) to pure inventions (random lines, effects aged, trompe-l’oeil …)

ATYPICAL collection has fun with materials and patterns: imitation of marble, concrete, brick, iron or wicker, contemporary architectural creations, zoom on natural elements (palm leaves, clouds, ocean, fish, etc.) , street art, pointillism …

ARTWORK collection transforms the walls into galleries: impressionism, expressionism, baroque or contemporary painting … The paintings of masters invite themselves inside (The Mona Lisa, the birth of Venus, Nympheas, The Last Supper …).